Song of the Moment: ‘Barton Hollow’

So…I’m back from a 5 month absence. Oops. Anyway, this post was written back in March, but I, for some reason, never got around to publishing it. This probably would have been much more impressive if I had published it when I meant to… before they did, indeed gain popularity, but prolific, no? 🙂 

This Song of the Moment, is long overdue. I don’t really know how I happened to discover this song and band, The Civil Wars. Songs often show up on my iPod that I don’t know- I’m not even sure where I  got them. ‘Barton Hollow’ is one of those songs. I was just on shuffle mode, skipping through things when it came on. When I first heard it, I was kind of speechless. I couldn’t skip past it, quite the contrary, I played it over and over again. I was blown away. I don’t think I had every really heard a song quite like it, I couldn’t even seem to place it into a genre.

The Civil Wars have a bit of a country flair, but I wouldn’t call them country. Folk maybe? I think that they are totally unique and something all their own in today’s music scene; it’s fantastic. ‘Barton Hollow’ is really a powerful and haunting kind of song. Even just the first 30 seconds could stop you dead in your tracks, just so you could hear more.

Once I discovered this song, I started seeing The Civil Wars all over the place. People were talking about how great this new band was. I probed further, and found out that Joy Williams and John Paul White met kind of in a chance encounter in 2009. Now they are writing beautiful songs and touring together. Thank you, Fate! At the time I was learning all of this, they hadn’t even released an official full-length album yet, but they were giving away (for free!) a live recording of an entire show at Eddie’s Attic in Georgia. I downloaded the free version and and then bought their album as soon as it was released on iTunes. I encourage you to do the same. It is well worth it.

Joy William and John Paul White are a powerful duo. As with many of my favorite musicians, they don’t need an entire backup band to flush out their music, just listen to ‘Falling’ (below) . While their style of music is different, they kind of remind me of The Swell Season with their enthralling vocal duets and downright captivating songs.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think many people know about this amazing duo yet, but I have a strong good feeling that they are going to get huge fast. And I thought that before VH1 put them on the “You Ougtta Know” List. See I told ya! Get hooked on this band now and watch them catapult to music stardom.


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  1. Laura
    Jun 24, 2011 @ 17:04:09

    Barton Hollow would be perfect for Justifed!


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