Song of the Moment: Joshua Radin (Concert Edition)

Sorry this one took me so long to get up. It was a combination of a busy week and being overwhelmed by how much I wanted to say in this post! Anywho, here it goes:

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to see Joshua Radin for the second time at the House of Blues in Boston. It was AMAZING. I have been waiting to write this post since I first started this blog in the fall. I had been wanting to write a Joshua Radin Song of the Moment because he is after all, my favorite, but I knew I should hold back because I would be going to this concert. What does that mean? That means I have A LOT of thoughts wandering around in my head, but I don’t know how to even get it all out. So, I hope you can bear with me and I hope you enjoy it!

Before I dive right in though, a little shout out to Joshua’s opening acts Andrew Allen and Justin Nozuka. Nozuka seemed to have his own rabid pack of squealing teenage girls following him (this show was clearly not 18+. Haha), but it was Andrew Allen that really caught my attention. This newcomer (to the U.S. at least) had a great stage presence and some really fun tunes. Keep a look out for his single Loving You Tonight hitting radios later in the spring. He’s worth a listen!

Now, getting to business. Joshua Radin. I don’t think that any musician’s work speaks to me the way his does. When I listen to his music I feel it deep in my soul. It’s a combination of poignant, poetic lyrics, lovely guitar melodies and his gorgeous voice. This man owns my heart. Seriously.

Is it just me, or is there something very appealing about him having his guitar slung on his back with his hands on his pocket? *Sigh* He is so pretty.


Joshua first made a name for himself with what many called ‘whisper rock.’ His first album is made up of songs composed of him quietly serenading with the accompaniment of his acoustic guitar. I’m not an expert or anything, but from what I can gather Joshua didn’t even learn how to play the guitar until a number of years after he graduated from college. He wrote his first song, Winter, and passed it on to his good buddy Zach Braff to have a listen.


Oh, how I love me a good bromance.

Braff was so impressed that a mere 3 weeks later Winter was featured on his show Scrubs and the song’s popularity skyrocketed. If the rumors are true, the NBC site crashed because so many people were trying to find out what that song was after the show!

Joshua Radin has only been doing this as a career for about six years and he has come so far! As much as he has grown as a musician since he first started, I really love those early songs from his ‘whisper rock’ era. Luckily on Saturday he played a number quieter songs…just him and his guitar… *Sigh* He makes me melt. He first came out on stage in a simple gray T-Shirt and knit winter hat (pom-pom and all!) with his acoustic guitar.

He began with the wonderful acoustic No Envy No Fear. Remind you of Buck and Wanda, Bones fans? 😉

Following his next song Everything’ll Be Alright (which I was pleasantly surprised to hear), he brought out the band to kick it up a notch and play the title track off of his new album, The Rock and The Tide . (Again, Bones fans, I’m looking at you!) He continued to rock out, taking songs such as You Got What I Need and putting a whole new spin on it by the end of the song.  One of the things I adore about seeing Joshua Radin live is that he loves to tell stories about the songs he writes. It’s like he’s talking right to you, having a an honest conversation. He told a cute story about giving his nephew love advice and vice versa. He played and explained One of Those Days and before he could even finish telling the story of his next song I was bouncing up and down. I knew what was coming and I could barely contain my excitement.

He described waking up one morning and noticing that the pain from his last break up was starting to ease, he saw the sun shining through the window and knew he need to write a song. The result was the song that holds the honor of top played in my iTunes (by a landslide), a song that has tremendous sentimental meaning for me, Brand New Day. (The video below has a bonus of I’d Rather Be with You, which he also played. ) 🙂

Whenever I am feeling lost, hopeless, lonely or just having a terrible day I can just listen to this song and it makes things better. The lyrics, for me, are a great reminder: “It’s a brand new day, for the first time in such, a long long time, I know I’ll be ok.” I love the lyrics in so many of Joshua Radin’s songs, but these are lyrics that I repeat to myself on a daily basis.

Radin continued on to play a fantastic show with a great mix of songs off of all three of his full length albums. Each and every one of them was exceptional. I know I say this a lot, but it’s true of everyone I say it about: he puts so much emotion into his music when he sings. I love this thing he does where it sometimes sounds like by singing these lyrics he’s letting out a sigh of relief. You can tell he is so honest in what he is singing, truly just putting what he is feeling right out there for everyone to hear. Both times I’ve seen him he’s talked about wanting to find love, how he can’t find girls and needs to take advice from his 9-year-old nephew. Um, hey there, Josh, I’m available! *CharmSmile*

Before I knew it, Joshua was headed off stage, but only for a brief moment. I already knew what Radin was going to play for his encore because he is sort of known for doing so, but it didn’t make it any less exciting. He announced that he was going to play the first song he ever learned to play on his guitar. I may have squealed just a little bit. I have a serious soft spot for covers so I get really, really excited when I know one is coming (an entire post in and of itself). Anyway, I knew full well that the first song he learned to play was Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright by Bob Dylan. What makes this even better is that Joshua Radin sometimes has an aversion to being mic-ed up and plugged in. I love it. It’s like he doesn’t want any barriers to what he’s playing. He wants the experience to be as unadulterated as possible.

He stepped back from the mic and unplugged his guitar and started belting out Don’t Think Twice, acoustic in every sense of the word. For a musician who is known for practically whispering some of his songs, this man a seriously powerful voice. I was lucky enough to be almost as close to the stage as possible, so I was able to score the video below. It’s not perfect, the camera is a bit shaky and the woman in front of me decides to yell something out when he walks to the opposite side of the stage, but I really think you should check it out. He just blows me away.

“Long story short, (Too late)”, this Joshua Radin show was everything I could have hoped for in a concert I had been looking forward to for so many months. I only wish he had played longer. If I could, I would relive a Joshua Radin concert everyday of my life. Now I have to deal with the fact hat the concert I had been waiting months for is over. I already can’t wait for him to come back!

Sorry, I know I got a little long-winded there, but I just love him so much. Just in case you couldn’t tell by now. 😉 Thanks for sticking with me and I really hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it!



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  1. Sarah (Seels)
    Feb 18, 2011 @ 15:34:34

    LOVE IT!!!!


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