Song of the Moment: Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit (Concert Edition)

Wow. Where to even begin? My concert filled weekend began with the first of two shows at the House of Blues, Scott Hutchison of the band Frightened Rabbit and Josh Ritter. I was initially interested in this concert because I had a few of Josh Ritter’s tunes and loved them, and I kept reading about how amazing his newest album was. I was hesitant though. I didn’t have much of his music and I couldn’t find a concert buddy. Well, not long after tickets when I sale I learned that Scott Hutchison was going to open and my decision was made. I didn’t care that I was going to end up going alone. I was introduced to Frightened Rabbit not long ago by a Music Buddy, but I loved every single song of that this Scottish band had to offer. To think…I almost passed this concert up.

This could be a doozy, so I think I am going to spilt Friday night’s show up into two posts…it really was like two concerts in one. We will, of course, start with the opener. Scott Hutchison of Frightened Rabbit.

I know you don't really get to see them, but this is my favorite Frightened Rabbit pic!

First of all, I was pleasantly surprised when the show actually started on time! I don’t think I have ever been to a concert that has started on time. Bravo, House of Blues! Scott Hutchison came out on stage…just him and his acoustic guitar. As I’ve discussed in this blog before, seeing musicians sans back up band somehow makes it all ten times better for me. For me the music is more…pure. It almost feels more full of emotion and straight from the heart. I really enjoy when music is stripped to its most basic and beautiful form.

He opened with my very favorite Frightened Rabbit song, Old Old Fashioned.

After that song he announced that he didn’t have a set list, he would be taking all requests from the audience. How awesome is that!? He had a very laid back and casual attitude about it and that made his set feel so organic. He played a great line up of songs that the audience suggested, hitting most of my favorites including Swim Until You Can’t See  Land, seen here in a very cool video of Frightened Rabbit on the beach.

At one point Scott briefly forgot the lyrics to Nothing Like You and elicited help from the audience. One guy yelled out the lyrics that came next and Scott goes, “What’d you say?” and then proceeded to play again once he got the lyrics straight.  It just made him even more endearing for some reason. He was very humble about it all. He then he announced that he a cover song to play.

A little background on this: Scott had tweeted from the Frightened Rabbit account that he was going to be playing a cover at every show in the tour and he wanted suggestions. I tweeted back saying that any song by Springsteen would be AMAZING. I honestly didn’t think he’d pay any attention and I always go straight to Bruce when people want to know what covers I would want to hear. Well, I don’t know if someone else requested Springsteen as well, but when Scott started playing I’m Goin’ Down, one of my favorite tunes by The Boss, I nearly hyperventilated…really. I seriously could not contain my happiness! It was such a great moment for me.

After the entire show was all said and done I bee-lined it for the merch table to see if I could talk to him. We shook hands and I thanked him for playing a great set and for playing the Springsteen song. I TALKED TO HIM. Guys, we already know I am easily excited by simple things. This was a musician that I LOVE and I got to talk to him and shake his hand. I was trembling!

That 45 minutes that Scott Hutchison played was worth the cost of the ticket right there, but he was just the support at this concert! What an awesome night! 🙂 Stay tuned for the next installment of Song of the Moment: Concert Edition, for the main act!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. iamloislane
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 08:04:09

    Um, I wish I could have been there, and I’ve only heard about the beginning. 🙂 I love your music posts!


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