Actors I’m Proud Of

Maybe this is just me being weird, but does anyone else ever grow attached to celebrities early in their careers, and then as they get more and more famous, start to feel proud of them? I find myself doing this a lot. I root for them and tell people they have to see this person and they once they skyrocket into fame I get all territorial over them. Part of me is really happy that they’ve gotten more popular and that the rest of the world understands my love for them, but another part of me is like, “No! I loved them first!” I’m not an idiot- I know other people probably appreciated their acting long before I did, but I just can’t help it!

Most recently, this has happened with Andrew Garfield.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the new Spider-Man!

With all of the buzz about The Social Network, Oscar snubs, and Spider-Man, I keep finding myself wanting to claim him as my own. “I loved him first!” Haha! (Now might be a good time to mention that I am not as crazy as this blog and Twitter make me sound. I promise!) I first discovered Andrew Garfield in Doctor Who, one of my very favorite shows. The episode he was in wasn’t great, but I couldn’t get that cute face out of my head. I grew attached right then and there!

In Doctor Who

Part of the Doctor Who ensemble. David Tennant and Andrew Garfield standing next to each other? *Squeeee*

The Social Network

What other actors am I proud of, you ask?

Let’s continue the trend of Doctor Who alums with Carey Mulligan.

As Sally Sparrow in Doctor Who

Unlike Andrew Garfield’s Doctor Who debut, Carey Mulligan was the star of what is often recognized as one of the best episodes of the new series. The episode was soley focused on her character, and she carried it beautifully. She deserves all of the fame that has been coming to her, namely through the critically acclaimed, ‘An Education.’

In 'An Education'

Bonus! Andrew Garfield and Carey Mulligan were in 'Never Let Me Go' together. Can't wait to see it!

Next up, Ryan Gosling.

Little Ryan Gosling in 'Remember the Titans'

When ‘Remember the Titans’ came out when I was in middle school, and like any middle school girls, my friends and I all picked our favorites off of the football team. Right away, my favorite was the adorkable Alan played by the now swoon worthy Gosling. He has been making quite a name for him self with fan favorites like ‘The Notebook’ and other notable films such as ‘Half Nelson,’ ‘Fracture,’ ‘Lars And the Real Girl,’ and most recently, ‘Blue Valentine.’

Ryan Gosling in 2010

Ryan Gosling in 2010

We’ll finish up with a 2011 Oscar nominee, Mark Ruffalo.

'My Life Without Me'

I first saw Mark Ruffalo years ago in a film called ‘My Life Without Me.’ To be honest, I haven’t seen it since my first viewing, but I do remember being kind of blown away by it. It was one of those movies that just kind of stuck with me.  I obviously loved Mark Ruffalo in the movie, and was excited every time I saw him after that. I love him in everything from ’13 Going on Thirty’ and ‘Just Like Heaven’ to ‘Shutter Island.’ Even though I didn’t like the movie, he also did a fabulous acting job in ‘The Kids are Alright.’

'The Kids are Alright'

Well, that just about sums it up I think. It’s so great that all of these fantastic actors are getting the recognition they deserve!!! (But I loved them first!) Sorry, I had to sneak that in there one last time. 😉

Thanks for reading!!



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kara
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 15:23:08

    I feel the same way about Carey Mulligan. I just adore her– it’s crazy to see she’s hollywood’s new it girl. She’s Sally Sparrow!


  2. Siobhan
    Feb 01, 2011 @ 15:25:32

    Cooper absolutely HATES Andrew Garfield because he is replacing Tobey Maguire in the new Spider Man. He thinks its Andrew Garfield’s fault that Tobey is not Peter Parker anymore. Also, loved your bit on Remember the Titans!


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