Song of the Moment: OK Go (Concert Edition)

So, I went to see OK Go at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston on Sunday night…you have haven’t heard. Haha. I’ve been pretty vocal about my love for them, but do you know OK Go? I’m sure you do. If you don’t know them as OK Go, you might know them as the guys with the treadmill music video. Now, I love OK Go’s music, it’s catchy, fun, and unique, but I think that it’s their creativity, quirkiness, and enthusiasm that keeps me coming back. They have the best music videos out there- the kinds that go viral instantly. Since I can’t put every one of their videos in the blog itself, I’ll link to some of them as I go and at the end for those I’ve missed. I highly suggest watching them.

Anywho, this was my third time seeing them live and yeah, they’re still awesome. I’m talking a show with hand bells, multiple trips out into the crowd, 3D glasses for their 3D music video, super secret ways to get free music, suite jackets that light up, fuzzy guitars that glow and shoot lasers out the end, and confetti…lots and lots of confetti.

Needless to say, the show was amazing. It didn’t hurt matters that the venue is pretty tiny, and I was right up front- hands on the stage and everything.  It began with the guys coming out on stage in their standard primary colored suites, all with little personal touches. Andy in red with a slick black skinny tie, Dan in green with a stylin’ fedora, Tim in yellow with his pants rolled up past his ankles and the usual cap, and Damien in blue with sneaks and bright green tape in lieu of a belt. Already, how could you not love this band for its individuality?

Left to Right: Tim, Damien, Dan, Andy. Seriously stylin' dudes.

Left to Right: Tim, Damien, Dan, Andy. Seriously stylin' dudes. (Not my show- same set up though)

They opened with ‘Do What You Want’, shooting confetti out of cannons on either side of the stage showering the crowd, the stage, and the band. The show continued in this fashion most of the time playing, the confetti cannons going of every now and then, with a few little interludes.

At on point they moved a table of hand bells to center stage (yeah, the ones from church) and played a rendition of ‘Return’ using just the bells.

Ok Go- Paradise Rock Club in Boston.


This was a pleasant surprise because both times I saw them prior to this they played ‘What To Do’ on the bells. When it was time for Damien to play ‘Last Leaf’ , he made is way out to the center of the crowd to play with just his acoustic guitar (for the inevitable ‘hippies’ in the crowd, of course).  I love how he even makes sure to do a 180 turn half way through the song so he can face the other half of the crowd.

As soon as he finished, he announced that it was “Technology time!”- the point in the show where everyone finally gets to put on their old school, red and blue 3D glasses. Everyone was so excited that they all pretty much forgot that the lead singer of the band was still out int the crowd! All focus was turned to the backdrop behind the stage for the ‘White Knuckles’ video in 3D [insert echoey noise here]. I really love this video as it is, but it was especially cool in 3D. Just image the at 00:47 jumping right at your face. It was great.

(Andy going by with the goat at 2:50 is my favorite part! Ha!)

Also during the show, they put a phone number up on the screen that the entire crowd could text their email to in order to get a free OK Go cover of Boston’s Pixies song, Gigantic. Don’t let all of these nifty technological tricks fool you though. OK Go doesn’t run on technology, they “run on magic.” 🙂

The last song of the set was, of course, not actually the last song. They came back out onto stage in a manner only OK Go could. All four came out on stage, backs to the crowd, suited up in black jackets. All of a sudden the sounds of slot machines starts blasting and the back of their jackets light up scrolling slot machine style. Jackpot! The lights settle and all together they spell out OKGO. Then they turn to the crowd and start playing ‘WTF?’. But, again, it’s never just as boring as that. They have switched out their guitars and basses for ones that are adorned with furry rims that glow and shoot laser pointers out the end.

Andy and his glowing guitar (from my camera phone)

Ok, I can understand how all of this might sound tacky or over the top, to some people, but trust me, it’s not. They rock it.

Their last song is the fantastic ‘This Too Shall Pass.’

It’s the crowd’s job to sing “This too shall pass!” and Tim and Damien know exactly how to get everyone screaming the words at the top of their lungs (threatening that New York did a better job than this Boston crowd- yeah right). They start the song and when the crowd’s part comes up, Damien leans out over stage as far as he can without belly flopping right out into the crowd.

Kinda like this. (Pic from Life is Good Festival '10-- Which I also went to.)

Soon enough, he’s had enough of that and jumps right into the audience holding the microphone out to catch all of our lovely voices. It is an amazing finale to an amazing show. If you ever have the chance to see them, do it. I dare you not to have fun at an OK Go concert! 🙂

Here’s the set list they played that night. It was a great mix of old and new tunes.

I now have to try to put my OK Go obsession on hold while I immerse myself in the world of Freelance Whales. I am going to see them at the Middle East in Cambridge  on Thursday night. Get ready for another concert edition of Song of the Moment! But, until then here are some of my favorite OK Go videos that didn’t make it into the body of the blog. Even if you don’t love the music, they are all worth a viewing for the creativity alone! Enjoy!

This Too Shall Pass – An alternate version of the video…think marching band.

End Love – Featuring their Goose friend named Orange Bill.

Million Ways – Backyard dancing!

Fade To Black– Bonus! As I was ‘researching’ for this post I found Andy’s solo project Secret Dakota Ring, this fantastic song, and the adorable video to go with it.

A Sleepless Night with OK Go – Bonus! This basically just makes me want to be friends with them even more. ” It was so loud, at one point Damien was playing a song that I didn’t know and I Shazamed it through the floor.” Damien dancing makes my life better.

Thanks for bearing with me and my OK Go overload!




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  1. iamloislane
    Dec 09, 2010 @ 04:35:17

    You picked great videos. I hadn’t gotten a chance to read this yet, love! I want to see them in concert now more than I did before!


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