Song of the Moment: ‘My Hands Are Shaking

So, something I think that I would like to do in this blog is have a little music segment. True confession: I am a music hoarder. I LOVE all of my music, but I have over 6,000 songs and hundreds that I haven’t even listened to yet…and I just keep getting more. The way I think of it though, is that of all of the crappy things out there that I could be addicted to, music is a pretty good choice. Don’t ya think?

Often times, end up obsessing over one artist or even one song and listen to it over and over again. I think this blog will be a good venue to share my current song obsessions. So, the plan is to have a “Song of the Moment” on a weekly basis at least, maybe more often depending on when the mood strikes.
The first song I am going to start with is the song from which this blog gets it’s name. That name being “My Love is So Articulate, but I Am Such A Mess.” The song itself is called ‘My Hands are Shaking’ by the fabulous Sondre Lerche. If you’ve never hear of him, look him up! (Have you ever seen ‘Dan in Real Life’? He did all of the music for that). He’s fantastic! My good friend and I have this term: Pocket Person. Sondre Lerche is a Pocket Person.

Such a Pocket Person!

He so little and cute that I just want to put him in my pocket and carry him around with me. Then I could pull him out and he could serenade me whenever I wanted. Fellow Pocket People include Tim Gunn, Neil Patrick Harris, and Clinton Kelly (even though he’s not so little). Oh, ahem, yeah, sorry– back to the actual music.
I love this song. I’ve had the lyrics up on my Faceboook page for as long as I can remember. Want some insight into my psyche? Listen to these verses:
“My head is where it’s always been, if only I knew where. My feet can’t stand the ground no more, it seems that I don’t care.”
“My heart is pounding yes, yes, yes. My mind just second guess. My love is so articulate, but I am such a mess.”
I don’t know that there’s anything better to describe me than that last line. I totally relate. I know what I love, and I love those things, people, and ideals with some serious gusto, but on the outside, I just seem like a crazy mess. My love is articulate, but by words and expression of that love isn’t always. Maybe blogging will help me get better at that?
I also love that it’s just Sondre and his acoustic guitar. I’m a sucker for a guy and an acoustic guitar.
Like that? Check out some more of his stuff I would recommend the following songs (in no particular order):
– Anything on the ‘Dan in Real Life’ Soundtrack
-Stupid Memory
– Two Way Monologue
– Heartbeat Radio
– The Tape
– Phantom Punch
– Sleep on Needles
(P.S. Sorry all of the paragraphs are smooshed together. I am working on figuring out how to not let that happen!)

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